viva las, verona....whatever, lets gamble!! 

 What is up!! Long time no chat! 
I hope your summer was good...we had fun...and its still going!
We just finished 2 dates up in beautiful Verona, NY..."where the hell is that, queens?" its way up near was a hike man...but once we got up there we were treated well and gave them a fun filled show!
Big shout out to Joan Chew and Andrew Parsegian for taking up the keyboard position while Randy finishes his organ replacement surgery in Bangladesh...lots of luck Randy, hope you come back with…Read more

Her name was "Newt".... 

Hey Guys, BAF From BOD here.... Catching you up on all things BOD...   We had another great show at wicked willy's last Saturday, the 8th... Including one very hot segment where a gorgeous creature named "Newt" jumped up onstage for Jessie's Girl and began molesting me, much to my dismay. You know folks, its HARD being the lead singer of a band, getting ALL the attention of young, beautiful women, but or Gods sake, SOMEBODY has to do it...... weep for my suffering...   Anyway, whats coming up for… Read more

And the summer is over once again.... 

 Hey Friends,   Barry from BOD here..... sorry we haven't updated our blog in a while but frankly that's because I didn't know what the hell a blog was.... sounds like something you caught while camping in the Adirondacks...  "Dude, I woke up with this huge blog on my foot after swimming in the lake last night....check it out... Does it look infected???"   Anyway, the shows have been amazing at wicked willy's as always, and we are continuing our bi-weekly tradition of rocking the house down there every… Read more

Another successful Wicked Willy's gig - Saturday, June 23rd 

Thank you to everyone that came down last saturday. we sure had a great time and I hope you enjoyed the music, drink and the great party atmosphere! we are taking some time off but will be back in the rock n roll saddle on Saturday, July 21st!

Beat the HEAT 

take good care of yourself girls and boys...these next 2 days are gonna be a scorcher!! if you make it, treat yourself to a saturday night a Wicked Willy's and celebrate the heat with us!
This picture was from last year at the beer garden in was a scorcher that day and I am surprised that we made it through. But folks hung out with us and had a great time.
Oh yea, we have a birthday in the band, but who cares...

Getting ready for June 23rd gig 

Happy Monday! Hope your daddy day was fun...Back to the grid boys and your ass of this week because we are gonna give you a well deserved party this saturday night...Wicked willy's always does saturday right...drink specials, sports on the tv's, beer pong, and your's truely kickin some fun tunes for you to let loose!

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